REPLACEMENT PACIFIERS for HM4 16” Cabbage Patch Kids & 14” Preemie Dolls *Many Colors! Binki * Dummy * Paci HM#4


Thanks to my wonderful hubby’s 3D printing talents, I am super excited to offer our own version of the vintage pacifier for the 16” Cabbage Patch Kids and 14” Preemies too. These 3D printed pacifiers closely match the original size and have ‘CPK🤍’ engraved on each.

Many colors to choose from. NOTE: The original pacifier (seen X-Ed out) is shown in the first photo for comparison purposes only. Check my other listings if you are wanting to order an original vintage pacifier.

When ordering, please specify in the notes section or message me, which color(s) you would like. Discounts on bulk orders.

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This CPK replacement pacifier looks great! The plastic felt a little rough in texture out of the box but seems to have gotten smoother with handling. It's also a lot more affordable than buying an original one. The seller was very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!

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