The Accidental Entrepreneur by Rebecca Hession (Published in the Carmel Community Newsletter, April 2014)

There are many things we do by accident. We can trip, we can lose something, we can even crash our car, but rarely do we become an entrepreneur by accident. That’s exactly the situation Tracy, the founder and owner of Busy Bee Headbands, found herself in more than 3 years ago.
An avid runner, Tracy spent many weekends running races and acquiring race medals. She also was obsessed with the right kind of headbands while she ran and worked out. One day she looked at those race medals and realized that they were the same width as her headbands. Light bulb moment! Tracy went to work making herself headbands from her race medal ribbons! As someone that loves to work with her hands and create things, Tracy didn’t stop there. Her fashion sense took over and she began buying ribbons for headbands that would match her workout clothes.
Tracy’s headbands quickly became the talk of her running buddies and her clients in the personal training business. She made headbands for gifts and then began getting requests from friends and clients to purchase her headbands.
Eagerly, Tracy began selling her headbands at the training center where she worked. She was a newly single mom looking for ways to keep ahead of her finances. Over time, the headband business became more profitable than the personal training business and she began to focus completely on headbands. This was a challenging time working through a divorce, dealing with the loss of her mother; starting a business wasn’t on her radar at all.
Tracy has embraced the idea of being an entrepreneur even if it was not something she set out to do intentionally but with her love of crafts and working with her hands and her background in graphic design, it just made sense. And so, in a wonderfully happy accident, Busy Bee Headbands was born. With the nickname B, for always being a “busy bee”, her work ethic comes in handy as she designs, sews, and travels to local sporting events to sell her headbands.
Now happily re-married, Tracy and her new husband, as well as her 13 year old son is getting in on the game, traveling with her to weekend events. Busy Bee is now a family business, but that was no accident!
Not only has Tracy created a beautiful design, she’s created an amazingly functional one as well. As a fellow runner, the adjustable headband is the only way to go! And my daughter and I can happily share these headbands with a perfect fit for each of us.
I recently purchased headbands from Tracy’s website, www.busybeeheadbands.com and found the process easy and fast and the selection amazing. You can also find her wares most weekends at sporting events around the Indianapolis area as well as 10 retail stores, and 5 fitness studios.
Sometimes our passions come and find us and what seems like a complete accident is really the master plan.

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